Dining table accessories


Bio straws standard

Straws 100% Biodegradable e Compostable
Material: Bioplast GS2189
Single product weight: 0,80 g
Dimensions (cm): 21 / ø 0,6
Heat resistance: fino a 40 C°
Certification: EN13432


Disposable chopstick

The disposable Biowhole bamboo chopsticks are individually wrapped and joined together at the ends. It is sufficient to remove them with light pressure before using them.
Material: Bamboo
Color: Light wood
Length: 23 cm
Hot food: Yes
Cold food: Yes


Teaspoon “Bio” and “Bio plus”

Teaspoon, Basic material: PLA – bioplastic obtained from renewable agricultural sources (corn) that maintain their physical and mechanical characteristics during industrial transformation processes and that, thanks to their natural origins, after use and under controlled disposal conditions (composting), biodegrade entirely.

: Masterbach base PLA. Color: White
Weight: gr. 1,25
Length: mm. 108
Max operating temperature: +65° (Bio) +85° (Bio plus)
100% Biodegradable and Compostable certified European standard EN13432 and ASTM D 6400


Napkin 25

The Biowhole napkin in 100% recycled wadding is produced in its original color, therefore without using bleaching chemicals.
Veil: 2
Dimensions closed: cm 12,5 x 12,5
Dimensions open: cm 25 x 25
Weight: 17 / 17,5
Folds: 4


American towel 40×30

The Biowhole placemat in 100% recycled wadding is produced in its original color, therefore without using chemicals for bleaching.

Veil: 1
Dimensions: cm. 40×30 (bxh)
Weight: 40/42
Fold: 0



The Biowhole Bib in 100% recycled wadding is handled in its original color, therefore without the use of bleaching chemicals.

Veil: 1
Dimensions: cm. 40×55 (bxh)
Weight: 40/42
Fold: 0